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Chania was founded by the Venetians in the area, where in ancient times was Kydonia (Minoan settlement). The city has about 70 000 inhabitants. Number increases significantly during the summer because a lot of tourists come here. Chania is full of life, in the winding streets of the old city between buildings richly decorated with bas-reliefs and ornaments przystrojonymi balconies you can find small cafes, bars and taverns. The beautiful Venetian harbor with lighthouse encourages walking and contemplation. Chania is full of historical monuments, such as churches, forts, arsenals and City Market. You can also visit the Byzantine museum, archaeological, historical . The city is rich in cultural events. Thousands of tourists flock here, but still retains its charm Chania and has not globalno - technical changes. Renting a car, Chania and the area around the city can be visited in one day. You can also easily get to the beautiful beaches.

Chania city is situated at the middle (north and east part) of Chania prefectur, is the capital of this prefecture and it is economic, commercial,transportation and administrative center. The citys population is over 60.000 permanent residents builted over the ruins of the ancient city of Kydonia.

The monuments of the city can testify that the city of Chania through time had influences of many civilizations. Chania is a verry beauteful city with a personal and historical interest.

Chania is one of the most nice citys of Greece and one of the most popular turist destinations of Crete. Every year (exhibitions, festivals, theatrical and musical performances, ect.) are organized every year.


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