Crete, Preveli Monastery

The Preveli Monastery is located 37 km south of Rethymno, about 45 minutes drive by car, in a green environment, west of Kourtaliotiko river and palm area.

The monastery included two monasteries, Kato Prodromos Monastery and Rear Monastery of Theologos, which are approximately 1.5 km from each other.

Preveli Monastery got its name probably from Akakios Preveli, who was a renovator of the monastery in 1670, after the disaster of 1646 caused by the Turks.

Kato Prodromos Monastery was founded in the 10th to 11th century and has now been abandoned, due to the successive disasters and looting that caused various conquerors. The building complex is the first thing someone sees when he visits the monastery, coming from Rethymno.

In the courtyard of the complex is the church of St. John the Baptist, the abbot, the bank, the monks\' cells, warehouses, and other places. In 1646 the Turkish conquerors of Crete destroyed the monastery of Kato Moni, and in 1670 restored by Akakios Preveli.

The Back Theologian Monastery, founded in the 16th century and in contrast to the Lower Monastery, still works as a male monastery and is open to the public. The Back Theologian Monastery is built at an altitude of 170 m. And has a wonderful sea view.

In the center of the band is the two-aisled church of the monastery, which is dedicated to Saint John the Theologian and the Annunciation. Around the temple are the abbey, the bank, the cemetery of the monastery, the monks\' cells, the library and museum of the monastery, as well as other areas.

The Preveli Monastery is known for its rich history and for its glorious past, as monks participated in the liberation struggles of Crete, and also contributed to the education of the people, with a school operated in the monastery. The monastery is also famous for the Holy Cross situated in the temple, bearing precious pieces of wood at its base and is considered miraculous


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